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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Around the blogs in January

This is a mini carnival for January, focussing on what's new on the blogs in scholarship of Acts and Paul's life (rather than theology).

Lee Dahn finds links between the Lazarus of the parable and the Lazarus of John's gospel. I recommend this article, as his observations open up all sorts of historical and interpretive possibilities.

Mark Goodacre contrasts the later gospels with the anonymity of the 4 canonical gospels.

Loren Rosson nuances the debate on whether Paul was called or converted.

Charles Savelle quotes Schnabel on why the apostolic decree of Acts 15 was acceptable to Paul.

Michael Bird discusses James Dunn's unsupported speculations on the reasons for Romans

Peter Head, unlike Douglas Campbell, questions whether Phoebe read the letter to the Romans.

Stephen Carlson also discusses discussions of whether Paul calls Andronicus and apostle in Rom 16:7.

Matthew Malcolm presents a proposal on exactly how Paul was a "Jew to the Jews".

Stephen Carlson wonders here whether the unnamed "brother" of 2 Cor 8:18 was Epaenetus of Rom 16:5. Josh Mann picks up the issue here.

Mark Goodacre points out a fascinating article on ancient synagogues by Stephen Catto.

Phil Harland continues to provide interesting background material, here providing another example of an association honoring a benefactor.

Keep up the good work, bloggers.
Feel free to use the comments to let me know what else I should have included.

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